What do you need in a cargo teardrop trailer? Plenty of space for storing and transporting items is important. Easy hook up so you are ready to travel within minutes.

The Buzzz model from Camp Runner offers all of these benefits and more:

  • A basic electrical package is included
  • A roof vent for fantastic ventilation
  • Plenty of space for storage or hauling cargo
  • Hand crafted from only the finest materials for excellent durability
  • An affordable price you will not mind paying
  • Ideal for off road and on road use, so you can travel anywhere

A Lighter Weight Keeps You Safer
Our Buzzz baby cargo teardrop trailer is extremely lightweight at only 250 kilograms. This makes towing easy to do and very safe. Even a passenger car or trike can tow this model without any concerns. This is our most basic and lightest trailer available, and is a new offering in our Spring 2011 line. This model offers better control and handling while being towed, even in bad weather or on treacherous roads. A superior braking system and lighter weight allows you to stop faster and in less  distance than larger RVs.

Attractive Looks And Cargo Capability Both
The Buzz cargo teardrop trailer is an attractive model that can be used for cargo as well as getting back to nature. The Alumifiber exterior finish provides an attractive appearance that is very low maintenance, and provides excellent weather protection for your belongings. Locking doors and windows allow ventilation while ensuring safety.

The security of your loved ones and belongings are a top priority with all of our models. The Buzz from Camp Runner can be used for multiple purposes, and this flexibility can better fit your unique needs.

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