Do you need a compact trailer that can be used for both work and play? If you need a camper to haul cargo in during the week, but also want something you can use for outdoor enjoyment on the weekends, this may seem like an impossible task.

Multipurpose Trailers To Meet All Your Cargo And Camping Needs
One affordable price allows you to choose a trailer that can meet both your camping and work requirements at the same time. This camper can fill all of your lightweight hauling and storage needs. Hook up is simple and only takes a few minutes. This lets you get going fast, with little effort in the process. Very little maintenance is needed, freeing up your time for more important things.

A Camp Runner Cargo Trailer Gives You Many Advantages

  • An interior that is open, easy to access, and spacious, for plenty of storage room
  • A floor that is easy to place and pull flat, without backbreaking effort needed.
  • Flooring that is industrial strength to stand up to even the toughest cargo needs
  • Half the fuel consumption of larger models means you can travel more often for both work and play
  • An attractive and aerodynamic design that looks appealing and cuts wind resistance for better control and easier handling
  • Heavy duty wall support brackets that have been reinforced for additional strength

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