Enjoy the outdoors but won’t sacrifice comfort or amenities? Do you want a camper without having the additional expense of a large  fuel consumption? Our Alpina model is the perfect solution for couples and families with small children for camping privacy.

Sports enthusiasts will also find this trailer a great fit for your outdoor needs. No matter which outdoor hobbies you prefer this trailer can get you where you want to go quickly, in comfort and style. Whether you enjoy mountain climbing, fishing, biking, surfing, or other sports the Alpina model can be the right choice for your camping and nature excursions.

The Alpina teardrop offers a top of the line bed and breakfast trailer to meet all your camping needs:

•    A rear hatchback kitchenette area
•    A comfortable queen mattress
•    Solid Oak furniture that is state of the art for beauty and durability
•    Superior ventilation features include screens and a ceiling fan
•    Numerous safety features, including locking doors and windows
•    A beautiful appearance, with little maintenance needed to retain this beauty over time

Hi End Finish At Basic Camper Prices
This model is the cream of the crop when it comes to the teardrop trailers The Alpina offers you elegance with a high end finish, for a price you would expect to pay for the most basic and stripped down model instead.

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