Camp Runner is the only European distributor operating with a license issued by Little Guy, the worlds biggest manufacturer of teardrop trailers .

Our campers include only the finest teardrops trailers that you will find worldwide.  Superior construction materials and manufacturing mean these trailers are built to stand up to wear and tear.

More Fun And Benefits With Less Fuel

  • An attractive appearance that stays beautiful over time
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • Design simplicity results in affordable prices
  • Consume half the fuel a larger RV would require
  • Off road capability allows travel anywhere
  • One person hook up and towing capability

There are many advantages to purchasing a Teardrop from Camp-Runner. You get a choice of models and a wide range of available accessories. You also receive our guarantee certificate so you know our product is the best available and we stand by it. Affordable pricing makes Camp-Runner easy to fit into your lifestyle and budget!

Safe and Lightweight Teardrop Trailers

All of the models offered by Camp-Runner are very light and easy to tow. Our Buzzz trailer weighs a mere 255 kilograms, while our conservative Alpine models weigh 440 kilograms. The Mediterane’ model is the heaviest model but only weighs 470 kilograms. The lighter weight and smaller size make our trailers perfect for almost everyone. They’re small and easy to handle, so even small cars with 80 HP can tow one with improved control and safety.

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