A teardrop camper can be a better choice than a caravan in many ways. You want a model that is comfortable, yet compact and conservative with fuel use. But, there are many factors to consider.

Which Trailer Meets Your Needs Better?

Teardrop Trailers Comparison Factor Caravan Campers
Lightweight, as little as 250 kilograms Weight Can be very heavy, more than 1 ton or over 900 kilograms
Can be towed by a small car or even a trike Vehicle Requirements May require a large vehicle to tow
Less fuel- 50% less than larger RVs and caravans Fuel Use Up to 5 liter / km, or as little as 10 miles per gallon
Easy towing in all weather and road conditions Drive while Towing Harder to control, especially in poor weather or bad road conditions
Compact and streamlined Design And Wind Resistance Large and bulky
Fast and simple hook up Hooking Up Hook up can be complex and time consuming and may require more than one person
No training or special driving skills needed to tow Training To tow these models successfully, training and experience are required, especially with A class caravans.
Sleek and stylish Appearance Big, awkward and old-fashioned
Starting at slightly more than 5,000 Euros Price 15,000 Euros or more for the very basic versions
Can sleep up to 3 in most models Sleeping May sleep up to 6 or more
Suitable for beaches, forest trails and light 4X4 roads Off Road No capability for 90% of the models.

Addressing Your Camping Needs with Style

Little Guy USA and the Little Guy Worldwide division use top grade materials to manufacture the finest handcrafted campers available on the market. They include everything you need to camp in comfort and enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones.

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