Alpina Mini-Cowley-6

BMW sure knows how to spoil its customers. In a surprising PR move, BMW’s design team selected Camp-Runner’s  sleek Alpina DLX to elevate luxury camping to a brand new standard.

Highlights from the (1.4.2012) press release include bold paint options and a “stylish kitchen” so campers can enjoy cooking at a “high culinary level”. They have included a solar panel to charge the onboard battery, refrigerator, and the TV / DVD / hi-fi stereo system with electricity. The “mini-Cowley” (as they have named it) features all the style and quality that one would expect from BMW – with the cosiness of the Mini.

When it comes to taking care of their MINI customers, the outdoor lifestyle has become a huge part of the mix for BMW.This latest concept features the answer to soaring gasoline prices and people’s interest in lightweight and efficient concepts.

Alpina Mini-Cowley-4

Alpina Mini-Cowley-10

Alpina Mini-Cowley-2

Alpina Mini-Cowley-11

With a rapidly growing network of dealers and this level of product credibility, don’t be surprised if you see more and more ALPINAS, at your next gas stop…

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